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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

IGNOU 27th Convocation - List of Awardees 2013-2014

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Here you can find links  to see list of Awardees those who are eligible for 27th Convocation To be held in various IGNOU RC like Ranchi, Mumbai and Siliguri if more information update by Official website, then here we also update for you respectively.


arrow 27th Convocation - List of Awardees (RC Siliguri)


Letter by IGNOU :-

Heartiest congratulation to you for completing University Programme in December-2012 / June-2013 Term-End-Examination, thus becoming eligible for award of original Certificate at 27th Convocation of the University likely to be held in March, 2014.

You are required to register yourself for obtaining the degree / diploma certificate by submitting the enclosed prescribed application form on or before 14th February,2014. You may attend the convocation and collect the certificate in person or in absentia through the Regional Centre.    

The fee to obtain the original Degree / diploma certificate is Rs.400/- per certificate to be paid by means of demand draft drawn in favour of IGNOU and payable at state name where you RC is located.

Learners of MBA, MCA, M.COM, BTCM, BNS, etc. are required to remit registration fee @ Rs.400/- per certificate (like Diplomas, PG-Diplomas/Degrees as prescribed in the programme). Learners have to take all the certificates if they have qualified for more than one module of the programme.

The exact date of Convocation and other details in this regard will be communicated to you shortly. 

Wish you all the best for bright future.

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